IT as a service

ITaaS is not a technology. ITaaS is an operating model outcome that can be achieved with careful planning and an understanding of where you are today and where you could be in the future. The business benefits in attaining the capability and maturity of an IT organization that achieves ITaaS are compelling: greater efficiencies with a high degree of flexibility and business agility are just a few. On your journey to ITaaS we constantly focus on delivering Business Aligned IT Solutions.

Despite the nebulosity of the term, there’s no doubt that ITaaS continues to gain momentum in the industry more and more vendors are talking about the capabilities of their products in terms of how they support ITaaS and the major systems integrators are starting ITaaS practices. It’s time to get curious about what it is and what it means – because it’s coming soon to an IT department near you

Agilis is adept at helping IT organizations transform to the ITaaS model. Our approach is to think big, but start small. We assist our clients in completing their virtualization journeys and in working with the business units to identify appropriate workloads to begin moving into a private cloud. Our extensive expertise and experience in implementing a private cloud environment ranges from orchestration and automation to self-service catalogs and chargeback/showback.

Our IT as a Service Solutions