Data Classfication

Data classification though sounds simple as two words but it has a whole host of processes and thinking behind it is much more. Businesses have deployed technology and security products from a desktop to firewall to DLP (Data Leakage Protection) solutions but the most important part of security information starts with identifying the information itself and tagging it with right level of classification.

Helping you reduce your storage costs and compliance risk with clearly defined strategies for data classification, archiving and retention. Big data is a big challenge for organizations that don’t have a clear, efficient approach for classifying and archiving data.

It is true that every organization has a lot of sensitive / confidential data but at the same time not all information can be confidential. The moment we define some information as confidential or highly sensitive, we have to identify required and deploy adequate security controls which is a cost to the organization, hence not everything can be confidential / highly sensitive.

Agilis service provider help you design an optimal data classification and archive environment by transforming your existing archive strategy and developing policies and implementation plans that meet your business and legal requirements for compliance, electronic records retrieval and rediscovery.