Virtualization and Cloud Management

Consolidation of resources through virtualization can increase the efficient operation of hardware resources far beyond the inefficient 10-15% that we see today in most data processing centers. Development of technology and the increasing degree of automation offer much more opportunities for consolidation than ever before.

Building virtualized and shared infrastructure provides the basis for an automated and rapid provision of IT services with all the benefits of a more efficient and intelligent management whilst significantly reducing the accompanying expenses. Agilis provide software defined control for virtual and private cloud infrastructure through its policy- based analytics. It fills a critical gap in cloud management platforms by automating the routing of new workloads to the best possible hosting environment and making the associated capacity reservations for compute and storage resources. We deliver comprehensive visibility and control while letting you access and provision IT services in any available cloud. Specifically designed for dynamic virtualized and cloud environments, our automated, intelligent, policy-driven solutions reflect a new management approach that is as agile and flexible as your new IT infrastructure.

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    • vSphere with Operations Management
    • vCenter Server
    • vCloud Director
    • vRealize Suite
    • vRealize Operations Insight
    • vRealize Operations
    • vRealize Automation
    • vRealize Business
    • vRealize Log Insight
    • vRealize Code Stream
    • vRealize Orchestrator
    • vRealize Hyperic
    • vRealize Operations for Horizon