The Network Virtualization and Security Platform



VMware NSX® Data Center is the network virtualization and security platform that enables the virtual cloud network, a software-defined approach to networking that extends across data centers, clouds, endpoints, and things. With NSX Data Center, networking and security is brought closer to the application wherever it’s running, from VMs to containers to bare metal. Similar to the operational model of virtual machines, networks can be provisioned and managed independent of underlying hardware. NSX Data Center reproduces the entire network model in software, enabling any network topology—from simple to complex multitier networks—to be created and provisioned in seconds. Users can create multiple virtual networks with diverse requirements, leveraging a combination of the services offered via NSX or from a broad ecosystem of third-party integrations ranging from Next-Generation Firewalls to performance management solutions to build inherently more agile and secure environments. These services can then be extended to a number of endpoints within and across clouds.


       . Micro-segmentation and granular security delivered to the individual workload

       . Reduced network provisioning time from days to seconds and improved operational efficiency through automation

       . Workload mobility independent of physical network topology within and across data centers

       . Enhanced security and advanced networking services through an ecosystem of leading third-party vendors


Network Virtualization, Security, and the Software-Defined Data Center

VMware NSX Data Center delivers a completely new operational model for networking defined in software, forming the foundation of the SoftwareDefined Data Center (SDDC). Data center operators can now achieve levels of agility, security, and economics that were previously unreachable when the data center network was tied to physical hardware components. NSX Data Center provides a complete set of logical networking elements and services, including logical switching, routing, firewalling, load balancing, VPN, quality of service (QoS), and monitoring. These services are provisioned in virtual networks through any cloud management platform leveraging the NSX Data Center APIs. Virtual networks are deployed nondisruptively over any existing networking hardware.


Key Features of NSX Data Center

Use Cases


NSX Data Center enables organizations to divide the data center into distinct security segments, down to the level of the individual workload—independent from where the workload is running. IT teams can define policies for each workload based on application and user context, which ensures immediate responses to threats inside the data center and enforcement down to the application. Unlike in traditional networks, attacks that penetrate perimeter defenses can’t move laterally within the data center.


VMware NSX Data Center virtualizes all networking and security functions to enable faster deployment and complete lifecycle automation of traditional and new applications consistently across sites and clouds. Automating tedious tasks, new cloud-native application roll-out, and ongoing operations empowers IT organizations and developers to move at the increasing speed of business.

Multi-Cloud Networking

Because NSX Data Center abstracts networking from the underlying hardware, networking and security policies are attached to their associated workloads. Organizations can easily replicate entire application environments to remote data centers for disaster recovery, move workloads rapidly from one data center to another, or deploy them into a hybrid cloud environment—all in minutes, without disrupting the applications or touching the physical network.

Networking and Security for Cloud-Native Apps

VMware NSX Data Center provides native full stack networking and security for containerized applications and microservices, delivering granular policy on a per-container basis as new applications are developed. This enables native container-to-container L3 networking, micro-segmentation for microservices, and end-to-end visibility of networking and security policy across both traditional and new applications.

VMware NSX Data Center Editions


For organizations needing agility and automation of the network


For organizations needing Standard, plus micro-segmentation, and may have public cloud endpoints


For organizations needing Professional, plus advanced networking and security services and integration with a broad ecosystem, and may have multiple sites

Enterprise Plus

For organizations needing the most advanced capabilities NSX Data Center has to offer, plus network visibility and security operations with vRealize Network Insight™, and hybrid cloud mobility with NSX Hybrid Connect


For organizations looking to virtualize networking and security for applications in the remote office or branch office

1For detailed feature capabilities please refer to the Knowledge Base articles on NSX Data Center for vSphere features and NSX-T™ Data Center features to get the latest information.

2NSX Data Center Enterprise Plus includes full versions of vRealize Network Insight Advanced and NSX Hybrid Connect Advanced.

3L2, L3, and NSX Edge integration only. No consumption of security groups.

4NSX Cloud subscription required for public cloud workloads.

5Switching only, VLAN backed.