With the continued growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies worldwide are closely investigating how to best take advantage of new opportunities for themselves and their customers. With all of the hype surrounding IoT, it could be easy to get lost in the theory of what it is preventing yourself from seeing a clear path to value for your company or product line.

Insights you get from data can be the most valuable asset you have in determining your strategy. The ability to quickly secure, aggregate, automate, and draw insights from data can ultimately define your success. This can be simplified by transitioning to an intelligent, IoT-based infrastructure with our IoT System. At our company we bring your business together in new insightful ways with the Internet of Things (IoT) from increasing process efficiencies to delivering better customer experiences to generating new revenue streams.

Agilis service provider has extended its cloud platform to offer IoT services through its poetic service cloud solution. This solution allows IoT device producers and product manufacturers to connect smart devices to the cloud and collect service/usage data that can be turned into valuable information.

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