Storage & Content Delivery

Storage, Content delivery networks, transcending, streaming, messaging. These are the kinds of services we work with daily in Premium Support. We live in the era of "big data", marked by exponential growth in "unstructured" content such as digital media files, server and sensor logs, emails, digitized documents, and social media posts. Increasingly, organizations with large stocks of such content are using cloud storage services to store the data rather than storing it on-premise.

We know the technology intimately and eagerly keep abreast with where it is moving. It is through this passion that we support our customers in their innovative ventures. As a result of the immense popularity of multimedia content, Network service provider or media broadcaster are mostly challenged by the rapid growth in numbers and capacities of contents and concurrent requests which are increasingly bandwidth-hungry, translating into higher costs to transport the contents. Adding to this, users today are demanding faster, higher-quality services to a wide variety of different devices. We provide technical support to a wide range of customers as they build mission-critical applications on top of services. The team is globally distributed, working under a follow the sun model and is growing rapidly.

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