Remediation Services

Agilis possesses extensive capabilities and experience in the remediation of IT services, handling, as well as cleanup. The key advantage we offer over other environmental remediation companies is our ability to provide an integrated approach to environmental management and the ability to handle all project phases from investigation through design to final cleanup. The result is enhanced control and the ability to streamline costs by employing one provider to manage and execute all phases of a project. To make sure that you complete this process correctly, complying with all applicable regulatory requirements, it is important that you work with a consultant who is an expert in remediation services.

Agilis will conduct an evaluation and provide an analysis of possible remedial technologies to determine the most efficient and cost-effective options for every organization. Ideally, we will be able to organize and execute the entire remediation plan from start to finish. Evaluating, use modern, innovative technology for assistance during the remediation process.  Creating a strategic plan of action, implementing the plan, and maintaining after the remediation process concludes. Not only will this help you save money and speed up the project, but it will also allow you to create an efficient strategy without so much unreliable guesswork.