Upgrade Services

It can be a struggle to stay modern in the ever changing application economy. While upgrading your system can benefit your business, transitioning to a new version of a solution is often a low priority for business and IT stakeholders who must focus on daily operations and other initiatives. Without the necessary resources, relevant data and a clear upgrade plan that addresses the risks and benefits of an upgrade, organizations may be missing out on key product fixes and enhancements which may impact the overall performance of the solution, its adoption and the ability to keep their system running smoothly.

Upgrade Services from Agilis can help your organization transition more quickly to current product releases and foster greater solution adoption with less effort and risk. By following a structured approach, Agilis Services helps companies achieve the greatest impact when updating their software. Agilis upgrade services experts assess the current implementation architecture and design and the impact it has on your business, as well as evaluate the functionality of the system and your business drivers. Our experts provide recommendations for improvements to the environment before performing the upgrade and confirm that the solution is running as expected post-upgrade. With wpgrade services from Agilis, you can realize greater value from the solution’s new features and functionality, reduce maintenance costs and improve adoption of your software solution.