Symantec & Fortinet Partner to Provide Essential Security Controls Across Network, Endpoint and Cloud

Symantec and Fortinet partnership announced


2018-12-11, two industry leaders - Symantec and Fortinet - announced a broad partnership agreement to provide customers with the industry’s most comprehensive and robust security solutions. As part of the agreement, Fortinet’s industry-leading Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) capabilities will be integrated into Symantec’s cloud-delivered Web Security Service (WSS).


Additionally, Symantec’s industry-leading endpoint protection solutions will be integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric platform. The partnership expands our ability to provide the essential security controls across endpoint, network, and cloud environments that our customers require and are critical to helping them enforce a Zero Trust security framework.



The partnership we announced today has key components:

  1. Symantec will integrate Fortinet’s industry-leading FortiGate next-generation firewall capabilities as a Cloud Firewall Service (CFS) and deploy it in our global cloud datacenters as part of the Web Security Service (WSS). Fortinet is an acknowledged leader, trusted brand and offers tested and proven NGFW technology.
  2. Customer Benefit: Customers will now be able to use WSS to secure all of their Internet traffic (all ports and protocols), not solely web and cloud traffic.  WSS adds NGFW to its extensive list of network security features, which include Secure Web Gateway, Content Analysis, Sandboxing (Malware Analysis), Web Isolation, DLP, CASB Audit as well as integrated SD-WAN (SAD-Cloud Connector) and SEP.  All of these capabilities can are available in one cloud-delivered service from Symantec.
  3. Symantec has also become a Fortinet Fabric-Ready Partner and will work with Fortinet to integrate SEP with Fortinet’s NGFW products.
  4. This integration will enable threat intelligence sharing and automate remediation for customers that have ed Symantec for their endpoint security and Fortinet as their NGFW provider. 
  5. Customer Benefit: Improved security and threat prevention from telemetry and intelligence data sharing; simplified operations from automated remediation activities.
  6. The combined Symantec Endpoint Protection and Fortinet solution:
    1. Provides comprehensive endpoint security against advanced threats with powerful, layered protection.
    2. Effectively enforces network compliance security policies end to end, reduces the attack surface, and prevents a variety of sophisticated threats.
    3. Provides complete security visibility and delivers security without compromise across the entire installation.
    4. Comprehensive endpoint security against advanced threats with powerful, layered protection.
    5. Effectively enforce network compliance security policies end-to-end.
    6. End-to-end security visibility and security without compromise across your entire deployment.




  • Fully integrated Cloud Firewall Service within WSS is will be available in the 1st half of calendar 2019.  More details on timing will be available next quarter.
  • Elements of the FortiGate Security Fabric have already been integrated with SEP, and additional integration is planned.  More details on scope and timing will be available next quarter.



  • Symantec and Fortinet products work together to provide security protection across endpoints and network infrastructure.

Fortinet's Fortigate Secure Web Gateway is a certified web proxy for Symantec DLP Network Prevent for Web to help customers monitor and prevent sensitive data loss through the Web channel.


Business Challenge

When organizations adopt a digital business model, networks must evolve rapidly to enable applications, data, and services to flow faster across an increasingly diverse landscape of users, domains, and devices. With data moving freely between devices and locations, and across network environments—including virtualized networks and public cloud environments—organizations find it increasingly difficult to consistently track and secure their entire deployment.

The isolated and proprietary security devices and systems implemented by most organizations over the past decade are simply not designed to solve today’s cyber security challenges. Security administrators are looking for solutions that enable them to gain visibility into, and control across, their entire security system—across endpoints as well as the network infrastructure, which includes physical, cloud, and virtualized infrastructure.

Securing highly dynamic and distributed environments requires tightly integrated security and network technologies that share intelligence, collaborate to detect and isolate threats, and synonize increasingly automated responses to threats in real time across endpoint and network infrastructures.


Symantec Endpoint Protection and Fortinet Security Fabric

The joint Fortinet-Symantec solution combines Symantec’s endpoint protection leadership with Fortinet’s best-in-class network security and security fabric integration to deliver unparalleled security protection.

Symantec Endpoint Protection addresses today’s threat landscape with a complete approach to endpoint security that spans the attack chain and provides defense in depth.

Symantec Endpoint Protection effectively secures endpoints by stopping advanced threats with peerless technologies that apply advanced machine learning, file reputation analysis, and real-time behavioral monitoring.

Fortinet provides best-in-class network security through its award-winning FortiGate® network security platform and the Fortinet Security Fabric. The Security Fabric enables security components to collect and share intelligence between devices, systems, and partners; support unified management; and synonize and automate responses to threats. This open, end-to-end fabric of security solutions— woven together to scale and adapt in response to changing business demands—enables organizations to address the full spectrum of challenges they face across the expanding attack surface.

How It Works

The diagram below illustrates how Symantec and Fortinet products work together to provide security protection across endpoints and network infrastructure.


The joint solution enables customers to use Symantec Endpoint Protection in their environment for advanced endpoint security, and also employ the Fortinet Security Fabric to enforce network compliance—via FortiClient and FortiGate firewalls—and gain total visibility across their endpoints and network infrastructure.


Security compliance rules are defined by administrators in a FortiGate Security Profile, which contains the requirements the endpoint must satisfy prior to accessing the network. By enforcing these policies, FortiGate and FortiClient ensure network security compliance and help reduce the attack surface. In addition, the FortiClient Fabric Agent module feeds FortiGate with telemetry (profile and vulnerability) data, enabling automatic s from the endpoints to the Security Fabric, and providing end-to-end visibility across endpoints and network infrastructure.


These actions are complemented by Symantec Endpoint Protection, which blocks viruses, malware, and other threats from infecting the endpoints. Symantec Endpoint Protection effectively stops advanced threats with unequaled technologies that apply advanced machine learning, file reputation analysis, and real-time behavioral monitoring.