Application Security

Businesses have started relying on their applications more than ever before. If attackers exploit these applications then there will be a huge damage to the organization including monetary losses, loss of reputation, loss of customer trust etc. To guard against these eventualities, organizations need to keep their applications secured so that they are inherently immune to attacks. Failing to protect web applications from malicious attacks can lead to financial loss, legal complications and damage to your organization's reputation. Softtek offers a mature and proven service which helps you align your data protection and application security efforts to your business's risk management strategies.

Applications can expose businesses to critical security breaches. Securing an application is one of the most challenging topics in Information Security. What software development houses call a security patch, is what professionals call a security vulnerability and is what attackers see as the loophole they need to access your data. Agilis application security services help developers rapidly identify, understand and remediate critical vulnerabilities and help transform decentralized, ad hoc application security processes into ongoing, policy based governance.