Data Auditing

Inaccurate data can cost businesses millions of dollars, and that is a chance that most professionals don't want to take. But data accuracy can be affected by data capture, transfer, structure conversion, and semi or fully automated processes. We can quickly and easily rectify, verify and validate all inaccurate and non-standard data and information, no matter how complex your documents are. A data audit report helps you in comprehensively analyzing the quality of your database, and drawing attention to incomplete and inaccurate business data. In order to ensure the strictest possible accuracy, companies need professional data auditing services. That is why Agilis offers expert auditing services as an offshore resource for companies of all sizes. We support several clients with data auditing, and have built a strong reputation for excellent services. If you are looking for data auditing that can help save you money and improve your business, Agilis has the solution.

At Agilis, we meticulously conduct an initial data analysis and accordingly create a sequence of data quality scorecards defining data quality business rules appropriate for your data. In the process of applying business rules for ensuring data quality, we analyze, cleanse and standardize, match, merge and/or de-duplicate.

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