Data Loss Prevention

More than a decade ago, companies looked to protect their perimeters to keep attackers out. Regular breaches forced companies to implement defense-in-depth measures, monitoring and protecting their networks and systems. Then the increasing use of mobile devices and cloud services had businesses looking at tracking and protecting the data itself.

For many corporations, protecting their trade secrets and intellectual property means implementing data loss prevention (DLP) program encrypting the information, tracking when it leaves the company firewall, and alerting information-technology managers when users attempt to violate policy. Yet deploying and managing the technology is not easy.

No managed security services provider can protect against data loss as well as Agilis. We’re the industry leader in data loss prevention. Every organization has sensitive data to protect, in many cases by government mandate. It’s essential to keep that data from leaving the server, and guard against unauthorized access.

Agilis’ managed security services protects organizations against data loss without eating up a lot of their own resources and personnel in implementing a solution. Our experts works closely with each of our clients to design a data loss prevention solution specifically for them and ensure that they’re getting the maximum benefit from our services. Or, for companies that do have the resources to implement their own solutions, we provide monitoring support, to help them get the best solution possible for their needs.

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