Endpoint Protection

The cyber threat landscape continues to grow in complexity, using endpoint advanced compromising techniques such as phishing, social engineering, as well as other security vulnerabilities of laptops, desktop, and servers, to orchestrate sophisticated penetration attacks against organizations.

Above Security 24/7 managed endpoint protection allows for the earliest detection of developing cyber threats, and offers you a clear visibility and a path to how to deal with the recognized threats and best protect targeted devices and your overall network.

Defending your enterprise from cyber threats has never been so challenging. The rise of advanced persistent threats poses a clear risk, and the rate of change continues to accelerate, with new attacks, malware variants, and vulnerabilities emerging every day. Is your organization prepared?

Successful organizations implement Agilis endpoint protection to secure endpoints from malware and other threats, to provide an additional layer of protection to enhance gateway and LAN based security solutions, to improve security awareness, and control IT related management costs by centrally administering endpoints from a single console.

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