Email encryption services are essential for any organization sharing sensitive data via email. Many users are required to send encrypted files when sharing customer records or financial data with contacts outside the organization. Email encryption services provide a critical layer of security to protect organizations from malicious or inadvertent loss of valuable information.  In order to guard against advanced threats in a complex and evolving climate of virtualization, cloud services, and mobility, while maintaining regulatory compliance, organizations must increasingly take a data-centric approach to safeguarding their sensitive information.

Many email encryption services come with burdensome requirements. Whether they demand a knowledge of encryption techniques or require email recipients to download secure email encryption software, these email encryption services frequently make it more difficult to send secure email and consequently aren't always used when they should be, putting the organization and its data at risk.

Agilis offers the only complete encryption portfolio that provides persistent protection of sensitive data at all critical points in its lifecycle and cloud-based email encryption services with no administrative burden or end-user client installation requirements, simplifying encryption for users and email recipients as well as IT administrators.