VMware Horizon 7.5

VMware Horizon 7.5


VMware Horizon 7.5 version provides new features and enhancements regarding the following headlines.


Horizon Connection Server

  • Horizon Console: With the latest version of Horizon Console, users are able to access published desktop, virtual desktop and applications through Web interface. The Console integrates VMware Horizon Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP) Integrated Workflow features while managing workspaces.


  • Deployment on VMware Cloud for AWS: Full virtual machine deployments of desktop pools on VMware Cloud on AWS offers you to scale Horizon 7 desktops and applications on an elastic cloud platform.


  • Virtual Desktops: With Horizon 7, Vsphere 6.7 is now supported. You can create a virtual machine in vSphere to use Virtualization-based security (VBS). Using a virtual machine enabled with VBS provides better protection from vulnerabilities within and malicious exploits to the operating system.  For an automated desktop pool that uses full virtual machines, if you use a virtual machine enabled with VBS, you can add a vTPM device for enhanced security.


  • Instant Clones: With the support of Vsphere 6.7, you can use instant-clone API. In instant clones, multiple vGPU profiles can be used. You can either PCoIP or VMware Blast (non h264 hardware encode) as a display protocol with NVIDIA GRID vGPU for an instant-clone desktop pool and change the 3D vSGA or 3D software settings for instant-clone pools.


  • Cloud Pod Architecture: The total session limit is increased to 200,000 and the total site limit is increased to 10. You can configure desktop shortcuts for global entitlements.


  • Horizon Help Desk Tool: As the Horizon Help Desk Tool is integrated now you can troubleshoot Linux desktop sessions within Horizon Console.
    Horizon Help Desk Tool displays the following metrics:


  • Skype for Business pairing status
  • State of the application or desktop session
  • Disk IOPS data


Horizon Agent for Linux


  • Control of USB Redirection, Clipboard Redirection, and Client Drive Redirection: Using VMware User Environment Manager, you can define policies that allow you to control the USB redirection, clipboard copy-and-paste redirection, and client drive redirection (CDR) features.


  • Help Desk Tool Support: You can now access the Horizon Help Desk Tool to troubleshoot Linux desktop sessions. This feature is available from Horizon Console.



  • Network Intelligence Transport Support for VMware Blast: Network Intelligence is supported for VMware Blast. Based on current network conditions, Blast  dynamically chooses to use either UDP or TCP to provide the best user experience  when transmitting data.


Horizon Agent for Windows


  • HTML5 Multimedia Redirection support for the Edge browser: Edge browser with the HTML5 Multimedia Redirection feature is now supported besides the ome browser


  • Support for subdirectories with URL Content Redirection: URL Content Redirection now supports subdirectories.


  • Simple Device Orientation (SDO) Sensor Redirection: The SDO sensor redirection can display a different view of client device and adjust your on the other device.


  • VMware Logon Monitor: VMware Logon Monitor monitors Windows user logons and reports performance metrics intended to help administrators, support staff, and developers to troubleshoot slow logon performance.


  • VMware Horizon Performance Tracker: While running in a remote desktop, this tool helps monitoring the performance of the display protocol and system resource usage. You can also create an application pool and run Horizon Performance Tracker as a published application.


Horizon JMP Server


  • Horizon JMP Server installer and JMP Integrated Workflow features: The new JMP (Just-in-Time Management Platform) Integrated Workflow features in Horizon Console allow you to easily define and manage desktop workspaces that consist of a desktop operating system, applications, and settings. These features integrate the JMP technologies (Instant Clones for rapid image creation, VMware App Volume for real-time application delivery, and VMware User Environment Manage for policies and personalization) into a single workflow.


Horizon 7 Security


  • Horizon 7 Security Features: Horizon 7 supports TLS 1.2.