What´s new in vRealize Operations Manager 7.0 Release?

vRealize Operations Manager 7.0 Release Notes


What's New

New Patch to Address a Security Advisory

vRealize Operations Manager has a local privilege escalation vulnerability because of improper permissions of support scripts. On a machine that has vRealize Operations Manager installed, attackers with shell access of the admin user may exploit this issue to elevate their privileges to root. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) has assigned the identifier CVE-2018-6978 to this issue. For more information, see VMSA-2018-0031. To address this issue, install the public patch documented in KB 60301

Product Enhancements

The vRealize Operations Manager 7.0 release focuses on performance optimization, capacity management, and intelligent remediation with the support of multiple clouds, additional compliance support, and enhanced Wavefront integration. Here are the key features and capabilities:

Continuous Performance Optimization

       . Fully automated workload balancing across clusters based on business intent, such as utilization, compliance, and license cost.

       . Integration with vRealize Automation for initial and ongoing workload placement.

       . Host-based placement to automate DRS, based on business intent and workload placement within a cluster.

       . Ability to detect and remediate placement tag violations defined in the business intent.

       . Workload optimization history replays the historical optimization run manually, through schedules, or for those that are fully automated using the new Automation option.

       . New workflows for rightsizing undersized and oversized workloads to ensure performance and efficiency.

Efficient Capacity Management

       . Enhancements to capacity analytics for calendar awareness.

       . Smarter data weightage capabilities to give more weightage to recent capacity changes without losing periodicity.

       . Enhanced capacity reclamation workflows with easy access to historical capacity utilization.

       . Enhanced what-if scenarios for adding new workloads using tags, custom groups, folders, and so on.

       . New what-if scenarios for hardware procurement planning and cloud migration planning.

Intelligent Remediation

       . Support of multiple clouds such as SDDC, AWS, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

       . ?Support for PCI, HIPAA, DISA, CIS, FISMA, and ISO Security.

       . Object level Workload tab for a simple breakdown of resource utilization.

       . Enhanced Wavefront integration for application monitoring and troubleshooting.

       . Ability to visualize vRealize Operations Manager alerts and metrics in vRealize Automation. You can visualize KPIs for each workload in the deployment.

Dashboard and Report Enhancements

       . Simplified dashboard creation with an intuitive canvas and multiple out-of-the box widgets and views.

       . Ability to create four-column dashboards with a unified widget editor and the ability to set cross dashboard interactions as well as interactions within dashboards.

       . Ability to share dashboards using URLs without login requirements. Sharing options include copy, email, or embedded URLs in other websites with embedded code generated using vRealize Operations Manager.

       . Ability to track URL usage and revoke URL access using manage dashboard capabilities.

       . Ability to transfer dashboard ownership to other users.

       . Options to manage content such as dashboards and report schedules for a d user, using the new Orphaned Content page.

       . Enhanced Getting Started dashboard with access to a community managed dashboard repository.

Platform Enhancements

       . Support for cross vCenter vMotion. The ability to move VMs across vCenters. vRealize Operations Manager will retain the history of the VMs if both the vCenters are managed by the same instance.

       . New search options to search and launch content such as dashboards, views, supermetrics, alerts, and so on.

       . Support for properties in supermetrics with new functions and operators.

       . Option to enable SSH on vRealize Operations Manager nodes within the admin user interface.

       . New admin password recovery options in the admin user interface.

       . Ability to set up NTP settings in the admin user interface.

       . Enhanced integration with VMware Identity Manager with options to import user groups.

       . Ability to execute actions from the Alerts page using the new Actions option.

       . Ability to canceled alerts from the Alerts page to purge the alerts database.

       . Options to define application costing to include in virtual machine cost.

       . Ability to export vRealize Business cost configuration and import it in vRealize Operations Manager.

Widget and Views Enhancements

       . New scoping option in the view toolbar to the scope for all the views such as List, Summary, Trend, Distribution, and so on.

       . Enhanced pie and bar-chart distribution views to provide distribution data.

       . Option to set the limit for the number of rows to be displayed in the List view for improved reporting.

       . Option to create calculations in views using the new Expression transformation.

       . Ability to set thresholds in Trend views and in the Metric Chart widget.

       . Option to add hyperlinks in the Scoreboard widget columns for cross dashboard or web-page navigation.

       . Enhanced Alert List widget with the ability to filter for alerts with actions and the ability to run actions from the widget.

Metrics and Properties Enhancements

The following KB article describes all the metrics and properties which have been added in vRealize Operations Manager 7.0:

Metrics added in vRealize Operations Manager 7.0 (58843)

Supported Management Packs and Compliance Packs: 

       . The VMware Management Packs and Compliance Packs supported with vRealize Operations Manager 7.0 are:

               vRealize Operations Management Pack for OpenStack 5.0

               vRealize Operations Management Pack for AWS 3.0

               VMware vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack 1.0.1 and above

               VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for vCloud Director 5.0 

               vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring 1.2

               vRealize Operations Management Pack for Storage Devices 7.0

               vRealize Operations Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator 2.0

               vRealize Operations SDDC Management Health Management Pack 5.0

               vRealize Operations Management Pack for VMware Cloud Provider Pod 1.0

               vRealize Operations Compliance Pack for ISO 1.0

               vRealize Operations Compliance Pack for DISA 1.0

               vRealize Operations Compliance Pack for CIS 1.0

               vRealize Operations Compliance Pack for FISMA 1.0

       . The 3rd party authored Management Packs that are supported with 7.0 are listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide.